Tips for Your 2021 Work-from-Home Office

If 2020 was the year of adapting to the home office, 2021 is the year of establishing a home office.

The traditional office offers many resources geared toward maximizing our time there. But now that many employees have the flexibility to work from home, they’re in need of a better space.

In turn, more companies are turning their attention to the future and how to best position their teams for healthier, productive work—from the comfort of home and no matter what the employee’s space looks like.


Smoothing the Transition to Work From Home

It’s been a hard truth for some businesses to accept: for the foreseeable future, a big chunk of Americans will continue to work from home. We should be preparing as though “normal office life” may not return for some time.

“Many companies are starting to provide stipends or reimburse employees for a home office,” said Mason Krusie, Manager, Category Merchandising for The HON Company. “From the employee’s perspective, they may have a tough time understanding what a certain desk will look like in their living room or in a shared space. Being able to visualize that piece and how it fits is a huge challenge.”

Another challenge is deciding how much money is needed for employees to secure that productive home office furniture. That’s where a furniture expert like Parron Hall becomes an even stronger asset.

Also, not everyone has a dedicated home office. You have to make the most of the space you have, and some pieces of furniture simply won’t fit in a smaller setting.

And therein lies another hurdle: finding information to help solve home-office challenges hasn’t always been easy. Prior to 2020, we didn’t give as much focus or thought to supportive, quality home office furniture— but now it’s a priority for many people.

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A Game Plan for Any Home Workspace

When planning a home office or workspace, we must consider the limitations of the space and budget, then find pieces that help achieve the goal of productivity. Here are some tips as you refresh your 2021 work-from-home space:


"An investment in a chair is an investment in your body."


Small home office space:

Before selecting any furniture, take detailed measurements! Even in a home office, you don’t want to be sitting for eight hours or more; a height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk is a great option.

An investment in a chair is an investment in your body.

Full-sized home office (its own room):

Follow a fairly similar process to the smaller space mentioned above, but you can do so much more. You can truly make this room your space rather than trying to fit it within an existing space. The advantage of a dedicated home office is not just the space, but the flexibility it affords.

The make-do space (bedroom nook, kitchen desk):

Again, it’s important to measure! A lot of times in these shared spaces, we can use a task chair—but in a studio or small apartment, the best option might be a light-skill seating solution to help blend the spaces together.

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Get Started with Industry-Best Expertise and a Plan

This is a process that can and should be easier than it’s been in the past.

Our team is here to walk you through the selection process. Right now, we’re helping companies identify suites of products that can help their employees, as well as create a corporate standards program. That way, employees aren’t buying new furniture without taking important considerations into account.

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