A workplace buzzing with excitement can increase productivity. Taken a step too far, and workers will be driven to distraction. Keep disruptive noise levels at bay with acoustical solutions that are designed to help absorb and diffuse sound within workspace interiors.

With screen and tile options for walls, ceilings, and floors, noise can be reduced anywhere you need it. Now that’s what we call offering sound advice.

The need for creative ways to divide space and absorb sound is greater than ever. Acoustics help keep the disruptive noise levels at bay, so employees aren't driven to distraction. Workplace elements that would benefit from acoustical solutions:

  • Low panel heights
  • Benching applications
  • Hard surfaces (i.e. hardwood, concrete floors, exposed ceilings, glass, gallery panels, etc.)

Below are some of many customizable products we offer to create sound and productive spaces. Chat with us to learn about acoustical and space division solutions in your workspace.