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surfaces for your home office.

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Studies show that comfortable employees

are happier and more efficient at work.

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We create solutions for workplace interiors that are dynamic and adaptive for business

Located in San Diego, and known for creating exceptional office solutions, our interior design and construction support productivity, inspire collaboration, enhance the creative process and make the best use of the project’s budget.

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Creative WFH Spaces

Bland, boring home offices are a thing of the past.

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Ignition Task Chair

No matter who you are, how you work, or where you work, Ignition seating from HON fits. Our most popular task chair, HON Ignition, is currently on sale. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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Work from Home Ergonomic Tips

Ergonomics Matter, at Home and the Office

As millions of us have found in the last several months, ergonomics are a really big deal, and should be a top priority when you’re looking for sea...

How to Adjust Your Work Surface for Better Productivity

Change your posture frequently. The goal of height-adjustable tables is to increase movement and posture variations.

Watch How to Ergonomically Adjust Your Chair

Adjust your ergonomic chair to fit your body to improve movement throughout the day, productivity and focus.

Simplifying the Design Process with CET Live Design

With live design, the decision making process in designing your workspace is much quicker and easier. We're not just designing for you, but with you.

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